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Outline History

Creating Commercial Advantage

The new MIS system revolutionised daily tasks across the entire operation, including: Estimate, Job bag, and Invoice creation, as well as Purchasing, Stock, and Inventory management. With instant access to Sales, Production, and Financial analysis, this streamlined and highly automated business, started to create a real commercial advantage over its competitors who were still operating with manual systems and processes!

Optimus software adopted by others

With the Optimus Classic MIS proving its worth so quickly; and with both profitability and overall company performance improving, its tremendous success started to draw wider industry attention.  This ultimately led to the establishment of a separate company “Optichrome Computer Systems Ltd”, who then started to sell and distribute the Optimus suite of MIS software to a new worldwide customer base.


Worldwide Optimus users successfully using our award winning MIS software


Countries with businesses using our MIS


11 Languages available within the Optimus MIS platform

9-12 months

Typical full return on your MIS investment within year 1

Longevity in the market

As the Optimus MIS brand has now journeyed for over four decades, we feel we can offer new potential users a proven and successful track record as an MIS provider to all sectors of the Print and Graphic Arts industry, as well as the wider manufacturing community.  We are very proud of our longstanding history and heritage; and the company ethos retains a passionate and committed focus on providing disruptive and innovative technology. We always aim to create a typical return on investment within one year of your Optimus MIS go-live date.

Lbox Communications

As a unique company, providing a bespoke and distinctly different offering for their customers; lbox communications sought an MIS partner that could match their ambition. Read about their successful journey that was undertaken and how they achieved a year one return on investment.

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Storbildsbolaget (Web to Print Software)

Find out how Storbildsbolaget, Swedish wide format printer, transformed their business during the Covid pandemic. With a client base which includes numerous high street retailers, new innovative ways of streamlining Web to Print trading, in conjunction with automated workflow and integrated MIS production were successfully deployed.

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Umbra Label

With the help of long-standing Italian Optimus distributor, Servizio Informatica; discover how Umbra Labels achieved previously unimaginable efficiency, quality and service targets harnessing an Optimus dash MIS. Key to success was the removal of error prone Excel spreadsheets allowing transition to a fully integrated label specific MIS and Esko workflow.

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New Markets uncovered and Lean Manufacturing

Still seeking to capture that same pioneering spirit provided by our original company founders, in recent times, and heavily influenced by Lean Manufacturing values and best practice principles, we have further expanded the capability of our “award winning dash MIS Optimus software” into the wider world of manufacturing.

Present day company structure

After a successful MBO in 2007, the company is now privately owned by a team of five longstanding members of the existing management team; and as such remain one of the last truly independent MIS companies in the world.

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