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Task Diary

Specifically designed for Production Management, the Optimus Task Diary provides instant, easily accessible filtered views of individual tasks and associated data, to facilitate production planning.

Driven by tasks required to complete a job, information is provided in one screen for every task, proof, material requisition and any job information surrounding the task. Additional information including estimated time and actual time taken, together with estimated and actual quantities is also provided.

Multiple filters, sort and display options that can be saved and re-used are available giving an instant printable work-to list, with the ability to set target start and finish dates and times and display material requisitions.

Kanban (Under development)

A web-based module designed to allow production managers the ability to efficiently create work-to lists for production on their company resources. In conjunction with the works to lists in Optimus, a Kanban board representation is fully displayed. Using the Kanban method means applying a holistic way of thinking about your services with focus on improving them from your customers’ perspective. This helps to effectively operate your business, including understanding and managing risks in delivering your services to the customers. With Kanban, you and your business will develop an adaptive capability over time to respond better and faster to changes in your customers’ needs and expectations or withing your business environment.

Prestige Scheduler 

Prestige Scheduler is a feature rich finite planning system. It provides real time dynamic scheduling and capacity planning functionality, that can be used in either a stand-alone or integrated mode with Optimus. The traditional planning board is represented in a simple graphical display as a Gantt Chart.
Prestige Scheduler offers a host of benefits including the ability to forward and backward schedule, grouping and pinning of tasks, as well as ensuring group processes or job parts that must stay together are able to do so.

The individual tasked with planning, will be able to apply the correct downtime proformas for the company or individual resources and produce work to lists and capacity reporting; they will also be able to generate “What if “scenarios prior to publishing the approved schedule to view.

When integrated with Optimus it can both send and receive data from Automate modules: Connect, Remote data collection, IMP and Workflow via Web services. In addition, Core Job tracking information will also be updated.

Bespoke development

As a standard, Optimus software is designed to be highly configurable, so for many of our customers this inherent flexibility provides them with all the functionality that they require. However, we fully appreciate that there will be occasions when unique ways of working are mandatory, they are not optional! These specific processes, whether customer driven or internally required we can cater for.

Talk to the Optimus team about your detailed requirements. This could lead to an Optimus driven development project; or we can provide the tools and the software for you to be self-sufficient, enabling your company to oversee your own development path. For many of our customers with the right skills and resources, this has proven to be a popular choice.

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