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There are already many standard reports supplied with Core; however, we understand report specifications can alter or evolve over time, historically this is where a custom report could be written, and that choice still exists. That being said, the demands on providing incisive data and variations on a common report theme, often lead to a bespoke report requiring amendments as soon as its initial creation.

With those elements in mind, we feel a better and more flexible and diverse alternative is to put the power into your hands with our dynamic data mining tool Dataflex.

Dataflex, essentially publishes data models in real time from your Optimus database directly into applications supporting XML or .Json data; this provides you with a mechanism for you to extract and present contents as you see fit. This provides your business with competitive advantages.

Optimus users who are proficient in Excel, often use this module to create dynamic reports utilising widely available and familiar third-party data analysis software.

Vision Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)

Vision is designed to translate the wealth of information in your MIS, into key performance indicators vital to the continuous monitoring and improvement of key operational areas of business operations. Derived from lean manufacturing best practice principles, the Key Performance Indicators are provided in a dashboard view, with the ability to drill down on each KPI for maximum benefit and includes:

  • Overall Equipment Effectiveness
  • Not Right First Time
  • Job Bag Queries
  • On Time In Full (deliveries)
  • People Productivity
  • Value Added per Person
  • Stock Turns
  • Floor Space Utilisation


Desktop Alerts

Updated in real time, Desktop Alerts provide instant, easy access to key information on all areas of the business using a traffic light view. Alerts are defined by the user’s role, ensuring only relevant business data is presented to the user.

Alerts do exactly what the name implies; it highlights to the user their current key activities and status information that may need immediate action, thus ensuring that any potential issues can be addressed before they become a business risk.

Defined standard alerts already exist for all areas of the business; however individual queries in the database can be configured to provide a custom alert should it be required.

QA (Under development)

With the manufacture of certain products, more stringent checks are required to be undertaken to ensure relevant industry compliance is adhered to, full transparency of quality assurance processes are often deemed essential.

The QA module is a web based digital workflow. This can be fully configured and driven by company defined parameters required for your manufacturing procedures. These pre-defined QA questions, then enable the capture of data in real time by operatives on the relevant QA tasks set within the production model. The data captured is time and date stamped and stored against the job within Core Job Tracking for audit and reporting purposes.

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