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Purchase Order Approvals

Provides spending authority controls on the purchasing power of buyers within the company.

Purchase Order Approvals gives complete control over who can raise and/or approve purchase orders for set values and set product categories. Spending limits are assigned to individuals based on the Company requirements. Restrictions are placed on progressing purchase orders raised if the relevant authority is not permitted, thus preventing unapproved orders being sent to suppliers and improving financial management.

The Buyer raising the Purchase Order can quickly identify within the Module who has the authority to progress the order. With a simple click they can send an automatic email with the order details to inform the authoriser that approval is required, ensuring there are no delays in ordering materials or services.

Outwork Manager/ Supplier RFQ

Outwork Manager is designed as a management solution to manage the process of obtaining multiple prices from different suppliers. Again, fundamental to dash lean principles are high levels of automation to enable a rapid response to meet customer demands!

The process is very simple: Enter specification information once about the element of the job that you want priced, select multiple suppliers that meet the appropriate criteria to fulfil your requirements and then send out that information electronically. Outwork manager will monitor the responses back in real time, present that information and enable you to then make a purchasing decision.

Purchase Order invoice Reconciliation

Purchase Invoice Reconciliation allows all receipts from Purchase Orders raised in Core to be matched to the relevant purchase invoice. This ensures that the purchase invoice is accurate, and the cost is as expected. If the value or quantities on the invoice differs from the receipt, a warning is displayed.

The purchase invoice, once matched to receipts, must progress to an approved status ensuring that costs recorded on the production job are accurate for margin and profitability analysis. Equally, only approved invoices can be released to the Accounting System.

A report of goods received with no purchase invoice received is available, giving a fast and simple tool to calculate the month end accrual for the financial accounts.

MSM Mobile Stock Manager

Mobile Stock Management is a web based mobile application for the “Shop floor” to receive, move, pick and issuing pallet/reels in real time.

In addition to that, Mobile Stock Management allows users to track the quantity and location of each single one pallet, reel, handling unit of raw materials or finished goods through barcode scanning of stock items to simplify warehouse operations.

Sales Order Processing

The Sales Order Processing management software gives control of sales orders for all saleable stock items, regardless of whether the items were produced in house or purchased as finished goods for re-sale. The seamless integration with Stock and Inventory Management and Job Tracking modules ensures maximum production and buying efficiencies.

Sales Order Processing allows the simple and controlled handling of; Customer Call Off’s, complete management of Bill and Hold stock, simple batch generation of Sales Order Invoices and flexible pricing options including contract prices, break point prices and special prices.

Pick and Pack Lists are easily produced identifying the goods required and the location with delivery notes produced when the order is ready for despatch. Once delivered, the order is ready for invoicing, with the invoice detail available from the Sales Order, thereby negating re-keying.

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