Manufacturing MIS

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Manufacturing made simple

By using rules-based automation within the dash calculation engine which are configured specifically to your company parameters, we can ensure any specialist manufacturing quote and job can be easily produced. This incorporates all your machine types and size considerations, any estimating and production values as well as your price matrices.

This could encompass absolutely anything to be manufactured, be that delivering: Process, Product, Material or Scale based classifications, High-Tech, Lean, Green, JIT or Additive Manufacturing/3D Printing, there are literally no limits. We can always ensure that the production of quotes and jobs can match your business in precise terms that always make sense to you.

Heavily influenced by initiatives within the Printing Industry which focused on Lean Manufacturing company principles as a proven methodology to increase profitability and performance, in 2010 we introduced a new process led approach to our software suite with the introduction of our award-winning MIS product dash.

The dash product initiative delivers highly configurable building blocks of automation that can help to strip out any unwanted steps in your manufacturing process that your customer will certainly not pay extra for.

If you are a manufacturing business and think you need to invest in a full ERP solution due to the extensive functionality that this type of software suite typically delivers, then you might be surprised to find an investment in dash MIS can typically match those same requirements and deliver more value and flexibility over the long term.

Any production, volume, design, or cost considerations can be fully incorporated into the MIS to deliver a precise industry 4.0 ready automated solution. It’s scalable, flexible, and intuitive approach, literally allows you to produce anything within the MIS. Contact customer services for more information.

Key features for Manufacturers

Any type of Manufacturing process can be catered for, there are no restrictions on what can be produced due to the inherent flexibility of the system.

Calculates complex quotations in minutes.

Manages the production, collation, packing, despatch, and installation of multiple products within a single job.

Can be integrated with 3rd party Add-on software tools to improve automation capability if required. Compatible with dash (RDC) Remote Data Collection.

Access real time alerts to help monitor the status of any part of an order, these can be individually assigned or visible at a departmental level.

As you evolve so can your MIS, as new products and services get incorporated into your business, these same values can be configured into the software helping to future proof your investment.