MIS for Labels

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Label Print made simple

By using rules-based automation within the dash calculation engine which are configured specifically to your company parameters, we can ensure any specialist product label quote and job can be easily produced, literally from code to quote in seconds.

This incorporates all your machine types and size considerations, any estimating and production values as well as your price matrices. This ensures an easy printing process for all different types of labels.

This could encompass absolutely anything: Be it a Rectangular, square, circular, oval or an individually custom shaped label in combination with any type of custom finish.  Within the dash MIS we can configure and embed these unique qualities and values, to enable the production of quotes and jobs match your business in terms that make sense to you.

Key features for Label printers

Any type of sheet, singular, roll or tag label, irrespective of size or shape, can be fully catered for; there are no restrictions on what can be produced.

Can be integrated with 3rd party Add-on Label imposition tools. Compatible with dash (RDC) Remote Data Collection.

Calculates complex quotations in minutes.

Includes a full Die Cut Management database ensuring all technical attributes are easily accessed.

Manages the production, collation, packing, despatch, and installation of multiple products within a single job.

Access real time alerts to help monitor the status of any part of a order, these can be individually assigned or visible at a departmental level.