MIS for Direct Mail Management Software

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Direct Mail made simple

By using rules-based automation within the Optimus dash calculation engine which are configured specifically to your company parameters, we can ensure any Direct Mail quote and job can be easily catered for.  This incorporates all your machine types and size considerations, any estimating and production values as well as your price matrices.

This could encompass absolutely anything: From delivering physical mail such as a simple postcard or letter, a self or dimensional mailer, to more complex all in one mailing packages which could include catalogues.  In the exact same way that each mailing component of a campaign needs to stand alone in its own right, our software’s distinct process driven approach ensures each task to be created or produced (be that print related or not), can be easily and fully managed within the MIS.

Key features for Direct Mail printers

Calculates complex campaigns in minutes.

An estimate can include all details of a DM campaign, including manufactured products, outsourced items, postage, and any data handling processes.

Provides the ability to input final record totals to use in the calculation of the print, finishing and postage processes.

Enables the use of multiple courier, mail, or despatch methods within one campaign.

Provides the ability to track the progress of each mailing element produced as it moves through production and assembly phases.

Access real time alerts to help monitor the status of any part of a campaign, these can be individually assigned or visible at a departmental level.