Industry Partners

Providing support, delivering knowledge

For over a decade now, Optimus have proudly been connected to FESPA UK.  As an organisation, we have seen first-hand how progressively they bring together the talents of wide-format digital, textile, industrial and specialist printers across the UK.  As a trade association, they are also an intrinsic part of the wider Global FESPA community; and many Optimus customers who trade in their core markets, value those industry events and trade shows in equal measure.

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The longstanding relationship that Optimus maintain with the IPIA is again, as with other published industry partners, not by chance. We choose to support them and reference their commitment to the industry, because we believe it is noteworthy.  As well as hosting a range of valuable industry events and initiatives; the IPIA have in recent times crossed the parliamentary threshold into 10 Downing Street to lobby government on behalf of the Print Industry as a whole.

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For over twenty years, Optimus have proudly associated themselves with one of the leading UK industry trade associations that represent manufacturers and suppliers to the Printing, Papermaking and Paper Converting sectors. From our own experience, we can safely say that PICON dedicate themselves to providing first class service support and business advice to a diverse range of members, from small SMEs to large multi-nationals, who form an inspiring community of experts.

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The CIP4® Organisation is a not-for-profit standards association, whose mission is to foster the adoption of process automation in the printing industry. A global organisation with representatives from 26 countries, CIP4’s membership boasts a diverse membership that includes printers, prepress companies, publishers, vendors of graphic arts systems and software, integrators, distributors, consultants and educators.  Optimus are proud of our longstanding association with CIP4 and have been active participants for the last fifteen years.  As additional information, one of the co-owners of Optimus – Henny van Esch, is also C.E.O of CIP4, thus ensuring that Optimus remain at the forefront of the drive to ensure further process automation benefits can be delivered for our industry.

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