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Workflow integration made simple

We focus our efforts, on ensuring that the open system architecture of Optimus provides the maximum opportunity for data from Core to be seamlessly passed to your chosen Workflow software product. Our customers tell us that this real time bi-directional functionality, not only enhances accuracy and departmental efficiency, but critically ensures full data integrity can be trusted to make quality informed decisions.

By using a dedicated Optimus Gateway and restful Webservices module, we can either deliver this work for you, or increasingly we see a trend whereby customers harness these tools to create their own Workflow integrations at a pace and time to suit their changing business needs.

On request (and subject to the provision of a suitable API and the right type of commercial relationship), Optimus will also consider developing other Workflow Integrations to other 3rd party software providers with our Core MIS software.

Key benefits for Workflow integration

Bi-directional open communication from your Workflow suite, with your Optimus Core MIS, removes the need for manual entry of job specifications.

Dynamically associate data with a job as it is being processed, giving previously unconnected systems Core MIS and others, the ability to communicate back.

The potential for error handling that can occur during hand-keyed data entry operations are removed.

With your Workflow product of choice serving as the Workflow pipeline, job files are automatically evaluated, and decisions are made for processing according to Optimus Core MIS data.

The scripting tools you need to build any custom connection are available with a wide-open API, this in combination with the Optimus Web Services suite delivers a host of connectivity options.

Within the Workflow environment you have access to a fully automated, customer-focused, online PDF proofing & approvals process.