Paper and Packaging

(Under Development)

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Paper and Packaging Integration made simple

We focus our efforts, on ensuring that the open system architecture of Optimus, provides the maximum opportunity for data from our Core MIS to be seamlessly passed to your chosen Paper and Packaging merchant of choice. Our customers tell us that the ability to order so easily and intuitively, as well as update their prices within Optimus en masse in a matter of seconds, is a massive time saving benefit that improves overall profitability and performance.

As with all software integrations, it is not only a question of matching and combining the technical resources of Optimus with another company, but also out having the joint commercial desire to take an integrated time saving technology to market and maintain this for the long term.  In Antalis, Optimus have a trusted partner who have made this integration possible.  We have also ensured by careful mutual assessment of our respective technology platforms, that this is sustainable for the long-term benefit of our many mutual customers.

On request (and subject to the provision of a suitable API and the right type of commercial relationship), Optimus will investigate developing other Paper and Packaging Integrations to other 3rd party software providers with our Core MIS software.

Key features for Supplier Integration

A user can raise a Purchase Order Header with one or more Purchase Order Lines within Core.

When the status of the Purchase Order in Core transitions to "Ordered" an online cXML file is automatically generated and posted directly via https for each order.

The e-ordering process will only work with a validated integrated supplier.

The Optimus user will have a utility enabling them to call for a material product file. The options for transfer are: FTP get, https stream, or an email for manual import.

Once the file has been received, the user will have the option to select required materials listed on the import and this will update the Core material item prices for the selection made.

Once the process has completed and the prices have been updated, the "last update" field will reflect the time and date the process ran and show in the material item record who made the modifications.