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Imposition Integration made simple

These days rather than supply an inbuilt Imposition function, we focus our efforts on ensuring that the open system architecture of Optimus provides the maximum opportunity for data from Core to be seamlessly passed to Imp, our imposition software product of choice.

Our customers tell us that this real time bi-directional functionality, not only enhances accuracy and departmental efficiency, but critically ensures full data integrity can be trusted. Consequently, many Optimus MIS installations are now automatically purchased with provision for the inclusion of Imp imposition software from the very start of a new project implementation.

Key features with Imposition Integration

One dynamic interface delivering ganged optimisation functionality for four types of Print Production: Commercial / Packaging / Labels / Wide Format

Combines with product databases that store all product data, including the: substrate, size, colours, coating, finishing and packing requirements for each product.

Can gang 1000's of jobs in One-Go! IMP software offers the ability to automatically generate nested layouts for all pending jobs in your schedule.

The IMP software accepts multiple enquiry lines generated through the Core Optimus MIS estimating engine and not only optimises sheet layouts, it creates the print ready files for production purposes at the same time.

The imposed PDF file, contains all colour bars and other required marks. When it is submitted to the prepress system a proof is automatically created allowing the job to be released for plate making.

With optimisation, savings are automatically generated by reducing unnecessary ink consumption and excess substrate usage. Overruns can be significantly reduced or eliminated.