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Brand owners need Carbon Reporting

In recent times that exact same trend has continued, but now higher profile well-known brands such as: Tesco, Diageo, Proctor & Gamble, LIDL, Sainsbury’s to name but a few, are demanding even higher quality trusted data from their supply chain, but it is not just data in the traditional sense that they seek, its comprehensive Carbon Reporting! Why, because key commitments have already been made by major brands to significantly reduce their Carbon Footprint by 2030, and many have pledged to reach net zero by 2050 driven by governmental legislative change.

In conjunction with (CarbonQuota) our current strategic environmental partner, this data can now be rapidly generated due to the comprehensive integration available with Optimus.

Key features for MIS Carbon Reporting

We provide a granular carbon footprint by assessing the environmental impact of substrates, production, consumables, transport and what happens to a product at the end of its life.

An estimator inputs a print specification into your Optimus Core MIS system

The specification is submitted, saved and validated.

The specification is run through a unique carbon calculation machine learning algorithm.

Using your specification data, a carbon footprint for the job is calculated

The value is returned to the Optimus core MIS, and a carbon footprint for that job is displayed