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Case Studies

Lbox Communications

As a unique company, providing a bespoke and distinctly different offering for their customers; lbox communications sought an MIS partner that could match their ambition. Read about their successful journey that was undertaken and how they achieved a year one return on investment.

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Storbildsbolaget (Web to Print Software)

Find out how Storbildsbolaget, Swedish wide format printer, transformed their business during the Covid pandemic. With a client base which includes numerous high street retailers, new innovative ways of streamlining Web to Print trading, in conjunction with automated workflow and integrated MIS production were successfully deployed.

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Umbra Label

With the help of long-standing Italian Optimus distributor, Servizio Informatica; discover how Umbra Labels achieved previously unimaginable efficiency, quality and service targets harnessing an Optimus dash MIS. Key to success was the removal of error prone Excel spreadsheets allowing transition to a fully integrated label specific MIS and Esko workflow.

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Case Studies


Working in partnership with Servizio Informatica our long-standing Italian distributor; find out how San Marino labelling company Sfinge, were able to significantly scale their business with an investment in an Optimus dash MIS. The implementation simplified and automated numerous functions, now they have additional processing capacity to manage a large number of new orders.

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Silber Druck

See how Silber Druck's company-wide digitalisation investment with Koenig & Bauer Workflow Solutions transformed all business processes. Taking a holistic approach incorporating an investment in an Optimus dash MIS, LogoTronic MES and Job Optimiser APS software, all combined to integrate the value chain seamlessly. Watch the video of how this cohesive Workflow brought the efficiency, scale and change that was sought.

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Storbildsbolaget (MIS)

Wanting flexible, configurable, process-led MIS software for their production needs, this story tells how Storbildsbolaget, a leading Nordic visual print producer, chose to invest in an Optimus dash MIS. Four years after go-live, they share their experience of how they achieved a full return on investment within one year.

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Watch how specialist self-adhesive Italian label producer Emilabel, evolved their entire business process from quotation to invoice with a full investment in printing machine automation integrated into an Optimus dash MIS. Working in close collaboration and partnership with long-standing Italian Optimus distributor Servizio Informatica, the entire printing operation was streamlined saving invaluable time and money.

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Boom Verweij

Discover how Boom Verweij, a Dutch printing company, revolutionised their label production workflow through the powerful integration of Optimus MIS and Imp imposition software. By automating processes and eliminating manual steps, they achieved remarkable time savings and efficiency gains. This case study unveils the transformative impact of seamlessly connecting systems, streamlining operations, and empowering data-driven decision-making for a competitive edge.

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