FESPA UK Association Industry 4.0 Conference 2018

Added by Sharon Mordey on November, 21, 2018

Peter Kiddell, the former Director of the FESPA UK Association opened the i4.0 The Future of Print conference. Peter discussed the aims of FESPA UK Association in providing insight for UK speciality printers across screen and digital technologies.

Our host for this conference was the MTC (Manufacturing Technology Centre) in Coventry. The MTC provides deep insight into the trends in industrial automation and manufacturing from robotics through to 3D printing (additive manufacturing). It was the perfect venue to discuss the opportunities that will result from greater automation and the integration of computer systems from web through to production across the print sector.

Fespa UK Industry 4.0 conferenceFespa UK Industry 4.0 conference 

Steve Richardson from Optimus software presented on the topic of automation for increased profit and performance. For 36 years Optimus has evolved it’s MIS software Dash. As with many management information systems applications automate the generation of quotes, orders, purchasing, scheduling, invoicing and feedback to keep critical business information to hand whilst ensuring efficient workflow.

Dash has 10,000 users and operates globally, Steve introduced Storbildsbolaget’s CEO, Jonas Hellke who has successfully harnessed the MIS platform.  Jonas was keen to ensure that he would achieve payback in a year, he simplified the administration and eliminated errors. From 1993 the company grew from a modest sign company and in 1997 made its first critical investment in 5 metre wide inkjet printing. The business now has 28 employees harnessing UV flatbed, superwide and dye sub imaging techniques. The business’s strategy is to double in size by automating the sales process through the implementation of full web to print fulfilment.

After investigating the costs of developing a bespoke system for an investment of £85,000 they decided to look at existing MIS suppliers. In 2012, they found Optimus and made the purchase. The savings represent 830 hours per year which amounts to a cost reduction of £21,300 per year. Jonas explained how the Dash system has given him the opportunity to plan material ordering more efficiently which has saved a further £38,400 per year. The next step for the business is to move to a paperless environment, this includes a screen-based visual planning board. His presentation clearly indicated that this path to automation has generated enough savings to cover the cost of the system. 

Article Courtesy of Graeme Richardson-Locke 20/11/2018


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