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Optimus dash MIS and XMPie Web2Print combine to offer unrivaled Automation

Added by Optimus on October, 12, 2015

Nicola Bisset, Optimus Group Managing Director comments: “The focus for both Optimus and XMPie was to continue the lean ethos of using real time automation to eliminate wasteful steps including duplication of effort and reduce errors occurring. We believe the combining of our Solutions creates a valuable proposition with a discernible Return on Investment for our Customers”

“The result is a tightly integrated Web-to-print and Management Information system which allows Printers Customers to effortlessly place orders from an XMPie store or web portal and see live stock and immediate dynamic pricing from Optimus dash MIS. There is only a single pricing and stock system to maintain, resulting in the information always being accurate and up-to-date”.

The functionality includes:

Bi-directional pricing - Remove duplication and manage one pricing system.

With Optimus and XMPie integration, pricing is delivered in real-time. This means web customers receive the same pricing structure as telephone/email customers. Pricing is set up once and is visible instantly on-line. Not only does this save time and therefore money, there is no duplication or mismatched pricing and customers can easily compare options on print.

Job Submission - Remove the need for error handling with instant job bag creation.

All information from the web order placed within XMPie is seamlessly passed to the Optimus dash MIS. The result is, instant job creation with the specification, files and production information required to produce the job. There is no re-keying, resulting in time and cost saving and no loss of information.

Job Status - Keep Customers in the loop with real-time job updates.

With the complete integration offered by Optimus dash and XMPie, the status of jobs is automatically updated ensuring clear visibility for all. Customers are able to log onto XMPie at any time and see the progress of their jobs. From pre-production through to delivery, the Customer is kept informed, resulting in less customer service calls, more time and therefore cost savings.

Stock Status - See real-time stock updates

Stock Levels are available to view in both Optimus dash and XMPie due to the seamless integration provided. Customers are able to view their stock levels, place orders for stock held items and, if stock is low, place orders to replenish the required products. There is no re-keying of information required. All information provided by the Customer in XMPie is automatically passed to Optimus dash MIS, thereby reducing time and saving cost.

According to Yaron Mohaban, XMPie VP of Sales for EMEA and AP, "The bi-directional integration of XMPie StoreFlow Web-to-print with Optimus dash MIS enables a true automated workflow, which is exactly what our customers have been asking for.”   Yaron added, “The integrated solution brings to market, workflow automation that is governed by policy – e.g., estimation, pricing, shipping and stock. The unified view of process and management that the StoreFlow / dash integration delivers, makes it possible to realize unprecedented operational efficiencies, which are so valuable for our customers.”


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